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Distance Learning

UVU Distance Education

High School Students can take actual UVU courses through Concurrent Enrollment via Live Interactive Education!

Live Interactive or Distance Education (formerly called Distance Learning) is a great opportunity for Timpview students to earn college credit while in high school. Utah Valley Professors are on the UVU campus teaching in a special classroom designed to transmit the class throughout the state. The high-tech equipment enables students to communicate with the professor on campus in real-class time while attending their high school class at Timpview High School in the Media Center.

Distance Education courses give dual college and high school credit. For each 3-credit hour college class, students receive 1.0 high school credit. Distance Education course offerings differ from year to year however, Timpview High School tries to maintain General Education (GE) courses consistent for high school and college graduation.

Participation in this program requires students to block out the odd/even high school class time and follows the UVU schedule and calendar. UVU courses in the Fall semester may begin before high school classes start in August. UVU courses in Spring semester begins before the end of high school classes first semester in January.

NOTE: DE registration deadlines are different from the concurrent enrollment registration deadlines.

  • Students in this program purchase their own textbooks and other materials that may be required by the instructor

For scheduling and registration in this program meet with the high school Concurrent Enrollment coordinator, Lisa Pulver (lisap@provo.edu) in the Distance Education room located inside the Media Center.

Spring 2019 admission opens October 15, 2018

Spring 2019 registration begins October 29, 2018  

Fall 2019 registration begins May 1, 2019.

Class size each semester is limited State wide.  Register for courses early to secure your seat.