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Concurrent Enrollment/Distance Learning


UVU Deadlines for Fall 2018 & Full Year Enrolled Students

  • Oct 19 – Last day to drop college course enrollment (course removed from college transcript)  See Mrs. Pulver in the THS Media Center BEFORE Fall Break
  • Nov 20 – Last day to withdrawal (W posting to college transcript) for Fall semester CE classes
  • Jan 14 – Last day to withdrawal (W posting to college transcript for full-year CE classes

UVU CE Spring 2019 Admission Opens Oct. 15, 2018

UVU CE Spring 2019 Course Registration Opens Oct. 29, 2018



UVU Concurrent Enrollment courses

UVU Distance Education courses


UVU Distance Learning (Live Interactive)

Spring 2019 Broadcast Schedule

  • UVU admission is required BEFORE the first day of UVU classes, Monday, Aug. 20, 2018
  • ACT or AP prerequisites required AND submitted to UVU BEFORE registration in ENGL 2010 and PHIL 205G courses
  • Program participation requires students to meet with Mrs. Pulver in the THS Media Center BEFORE the end of May, 2018


**Extra State Participation Forms can be picked up out side the Distance Education room in the top file folder, in the Counseling Center, or on line at uvu.edu/concurrent


General Information

Concurrent Enrollment and Distance Education are programs designed to help students complete college credit while still in high school utilizing the courses they are enrolled in on their high school campus.

  • CE teachers are adjunct faculty at UVU and are qualified to teach the college curriculum in their high school class
  • DE instructors are university faculty teaching courses over the EDNET system broadcast to the local high schools in real time

CE and DE credit is primarily for high school juniors and seniors. Courses are challenging and range from 3-5 on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the most difficult) Students must meet the university prerequisites to participate and have a high school cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. Some courses require a prerequisite ACT, PLAN, or new student assessment Accuplacer exam score to qualify for the college credit prior to registration in the course.

  • Students participate by completing 3 steps through Concurrent Enrollment
    1. Admissions Only Once– students submit an on line application and pay a one-time non-refundable $35 fee. Students born out of the United States that cannot fill out the application online may complete a paper application
    2. Registration Every Semester – Students register for CE college courses each semester they begin a concurrent class. College credit given in a year-long high school class is register in the Fall semester
    3. Pay Tuition Every Semester – payment of low tuition ($5 per credit hour) is paid directly to UVU either online through Tuition Payment Plus system, by mail, or in person on campus at One Stop, located in the Browning Administration building (BA 106).  Tuition is separate from the application fee

Sophomores who would like to participate in Concurrent Enrollment must complete the “Sophomore by Exception Application” and take the UVU new student assessment Accuplacer Exam.  Other scores accepted on the application are Explorer, Plan or ACT however, MATH 1050 requires placement scores through Accuplacer or ACT only.

  • The Accuplacer is an adaptive exam and consists of three sections; Reading Comprehension, Sentence skills and Math. New students must apply to UVU and have a UV ID number prior to testing (keep in mind that it can take 48 hours for UVU to assign a student number once the application and fee is submitted).
  • Sophomore students may not participate in Distance Education courses

Students who participate in Concurrent Enrollment and Distance Education must adhere to the college deadlines established by UVU each semester.  NOTE: CE and DE deadlines are not the same.  DE deadlines are met PRIOR to the first day of class each semester.

ALL STUDENTS participating in Concurrent Enrollment and Distance Education are required to fill out and return the State “Concurrent Enrollment Student Participation Form”.  One form is sufficient for both CE/DE registered courses, submitting the form each school year of participation.  (Print form, fill out, then return it to Mrs. Pulver in the THS Media Center or the Counseling Center)

Concurrent Enrollment Admissions

UVU Concurrent Enrollment Admissions

  • Both CE and DE Student apply online clicking +1 Admissions Only Once.  Screen shot instructions are posted for your convenience.  After viewing, select Admission Application and “Create Account”, then “Start the Application”,  selecting the “Undergraduate or Concurrent Enrollment” application.  Upon completing the application you will be directed to pay the one time non-refundable $35 fee for the application to process.  As stated, admission to UVU only needs to be done once and can be skipped for following semesters of participation.  
  • After paying the application fee, your UVID will be available in 24 to 48 hours and can be found on MyUVU.  Be mindful of this against the posted UVU CE and DE deadlines

Concurrent Enrollment Registration

UVU Current Enrollment Registration for CE and DE Programs

  • Once a student applies to the college and has a UV ID number, they go online at the UVU Concurrent home page and register for the classes they wish to enroll clicking on +2 Registration Every Semester
  • Registration consists of three areas; Know Your Prerequisites, Find Your Courses, and Get Registered! Students must view all three areas of instructions listed in each area to ensure they understand all requirements that pertain to their class so that deadlines are met.  NOTE: DE and CE deadlines are not the same.  DE deadlines are met PRIOR to the first day of class each semester
  • “Locate Your Course CRN” through the corresponding program of participation, selecting Timpview High School from the website pull down list. Find the high school course name, high school teacher, UVU course name and write down the CRN (Course Registration Number) of the course(s) you are taking.  You will register in UVU’S online registration system, MyUVU using these numbers. Paper copies are also available through the high school CE teacher or Mrs. Pulver in the Distance Education room located in the THS Media Center

Concurrent Enrollment Tuition 

Participating students in both CE and DE programs pay tuition ($5 per credit hour) directly to UVU by going to the Concurrent Enrollment home page by clicking  +3 Pay Tuition Each Semester (Online, In-person, By mail).  Students are unable to move on with future course registration, view college grades, or request a college transcript until current tuition is paid.

Dropping UVU Enrolled courses

Students enrolled in UVU courses through Concurrent Enrollment (CE) or Distance Education (DE) may drop college enrolled courses to keep college transcripts in good standing. To drop an enrolled course, students need to obtain and return a ‘Course Enrollment Drop Card’ from Mrs. Pulver (CE/DE facilitator) in the THS Distance Education room located in the Media Center.

Course Enrollment Drop Cards must be filled out and signed by the student & parent,  high school counselor, and the school CE facilitator by the posted UVU deadline.  The completed form is then emailed by the school facilitator to the UVU CE office for  course enrollment to be dropped. Failure to follow procedures in a timely manner may result in a poor grade posting to the college transcript.

A ‘W’ posting on a college transcript will not affect a student’s GPA on the college or high school transcript. However, a ‘W’ can affect a student’s ability to qualify for future scholarships and financial aid. For this reason, the number of ‘W’s a student gets on a college transcript should be kept to a minimum.


NOTE: Concurrent Enrollment and Distance Education DO NOT have the same posted deadlines.  Live Interactive (Distance Education) courses have different deadlines. Please look at the Student Timetables for Live Interactive deadlines.


Students are responsible for knowing and adhering to the following Concurrent Enrollment deadlines:

The following deadlines apply to the UVU Concurrent Enrollment Program for the 2018-2019 School year.   *Dates subject to change without notice

Fall 2018 & Full Year

April 18

  • UVU admissions and registration open

August 31

  • Last day to complete UVU CE ADMISSIONS

September 5

  • Last day to submit prerequisite test scores for Math, Biology, and English
  • Last day to submit 9th & 10th grade“ Exception Application” to the Concurrent Enrollment Office.

September 7

  • Last day to complete CE course signup for Juniors & Seniors

October 19 

  • Last day to DROP  without a W (Fall and Full year courses)

November 20 

  • Last day to WITHDRAW  with a W (FALL courses)

January 14

  • Last day to WITHDRAW with a W (FULL YEAR courses)


October 15

  • Admission Opens

October 29

  • Registration Opens

January 18

  • Last day to complete UVU CE admissions

January 23

  • Last day to submit prerequisite test scores for Math, Biology, and English
  • Last day to submit 9th & 10th grade “Exception Application”  to the Concurrent Enrollment Office.

January 25

  • Last day to complete course signup for Juniors & Seniors

February 28

  • Last day to DROP  without a W (SPRING courses)

March 20

  • Last day to WITHDRAW   with a W (SPRING courses)