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Timpview Superior at State Model UN Competition

Only 1 of 3 Superior ratings given with 26 schools participating state wide.

Following is a list of student delegates, the committee and countries they represented, and awards received:

 USA Historical Security Council:
Emma Tueller-Stone and Anna-Marie Sprenger –Superior and Delegate Distinction Award
Japan: Eli Miller—Superior

General Assembly:
Japan Amanda Gao and Diane Lee–Excellent
Saudi Arabia: Hannah Sybrowsky and Grace Acheson–Excellent
Greece: Parker Christensen—Superior

Disarmament and International Security:
Japan: Benji Cardon and Rachel Sybrowsky–Superior
Greece: Sariah Bunker and Madalyn Covey—Excellent

Economic and Financial:
Japan: Alec Larson and Trey Nelson–Superior
Saudi Arabia: Ed Ringer and Alekh Chapman–Superior
Greece: Ju Hang Kim Jong Min Yim—Excellent

Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural:
Japan: Autumn Clark and John-Morgan Nemelka–Superior
Saudia Arabia: Patricia Gao and Annie Lee–Superior
Greece: Sage Perez and Carolyn Baird—Excellent

Special Political and Decolonization:
Japan: Samatha Jensen and Peter Young–Superior
Saudia Arabia: Isabel Troutner and Nathan McQuarrie—Excellent


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