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Timpview Students Perform at BYU German Fair

Timpview Students Perform at BYU German Fair

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On Thursday, April 17, 2014, 105 Timpview German students competed at the annual BYU German Fair.  Along with dozens of superior ratings, we won 52 Best of Fair awards.  Each judge chooses the best performances they have seen all day and give those students or groups a Best of Fair award.  Timpview won around 80 percent of all of the Best of Fair Awards.  18 schools from Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming competed at the Fair.  We won awards in all events on all levels.   A list of students who won Best of Fair Awards after follows the photo gallery:

Ethan Barlow, Conversation 2
Alex Lagunas, Oral Interview
Lizzy Sherman, Skit 1
Joe Canon, Skit 1
Clara Wilson, Skit 1
Anne Leavy, Skit 1
Jordan Hendrickson, Skit 1
Simon Hulme, Skit 3
Matt Dickson, Skit 4
Kara Hulick, Skit 3
Thyme Nash, Skit 3
Nicole Boone, Poetry 2
Taylor Gledhill, Poetry 2
Kiersten Robertson, Poetry 3
Teddy Windsor, Film
Asher Bay, Film
Iszy Knell, Film
Hunter Reeve, Film
Camla Messick, Film
Christian Smith, Film
Ed Ringger, Film
Colin Lohner, Film
Elias Morgan, Film
John Leavy, Show & Tell 3
Erika Hulterstrom, Show & Tell 2
Benji Cardon, Oral Interview
Nickolas Crisco, Poetry 1
Conrad Smith, Music
Caroline Glissmeyer, Music
Abbie Daniels, Music
Keisa Smith, Music
Gwen Davis, Oral Interview
Hunter Reeve, Oral Interview
Anna-marie Sprenger, Oral Interview
Anna-marie Sprenger, Prepared Speech
Joe Canon, Conversation 1
Walker Harris, Scene from a Play 1
Andrew James, Scene from a Play 1
Linda Rocha, Scene from a Play 2
Ryan Heimdal, Scene from a Play 2
Jacob McDaniel, Scene from a Play 2
Kandin Manuel, Scene from a Play 2
Barret Kilton, Skit 2
Spencer Baird, Skit 2
Alyssa Hunter, Skit 2
Alec Larsen, Skit 3
Maxwell Whipple, Skit 2
Sam Jacob, Scene from a Play 4
Conrad Smith, Scene from a Play 4
Duncan McKay, Scene from a Play 4
Christian Smith, Scene from a Play 4
Odd Day Choir, School Choir

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