3570 Timpview Dr. Provo, Utah 84604 Phone: (801)221-9720 Fax: (801)224-4210

Timpview Moving Art Project

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A collaborative animation with 40 high school students who had never taken an art class before.

Each student picked and studied a frame from Eadweard Muybridge’s movement studies, imagining the skeletal and muscular structure of the figures. After each frame was drawn, the sketches were scanned and compiled into a .GIF, which was then projected (via rusty gas generator) out of a moving vehicle.

Adam Porter
Agustin Mendoza
Alan Garcia
Alex Yardley
Ariadna Salgado
Bre Taylor
Brennon Peterson
Cameron Christensen
Christopher Roach
Clarrisa Smith
Dayton Kinzer
Eileen McFadden
Emma Leon
Emmaline Thompson
Gabriel Reid
Hailey Ivins
Hao-Yih Hsieh
Jeffrey Watts
Julia Peek
Justin Austin
Kaitlyn Black
Kaylie Warnick
Keiffer da Silva
Kolby Enosa
Marcus de la Cruz
Mason Brockbank
Max Ensign
Megan Pelton
Nick Bishop
Ruben Fonua
Sean Pepers
Trenton Chanhthala
Ty Sorensen
Zachary Hardester

Basil Harrison
Brynn Massey
Ethan Barlow
Isaac St.Clair
Trevin Leslie
Emilia McKinley

Clark Goldsberry

Special Thanks to Michelle Landers, Timpview High School, Provo, Utah.

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