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Service Day Success

Service Day Success

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On Saturday, our first annual Timpview Community Service Day was held here. We had such a successful day! For enlarged view of pictures  click “Read more“. We had around 140 volunteers! Some of the services included:1000 yards of sod laid around the school

  • New plants on the west entrances (Thanks Jeana Rock for leading the troops there)
  • Painting of railings and large wall near the seminary building in a beautiful blue (Thanks Jeff Ward and Gary Ashton for leading the troops!)
  • Painting a large “T” on the student section of the football field stands
  • Cleaning the mirrors in the dance studios
  • Cleaning of almost every single desk in the school (Thanks Natalie for commanding the troops and seeing the disappearance of many “artworks”)

Teachers and Staff that were huge helps!!!!:
Monique Hadley, Natalie Perry, Gary Ashton, Jeana Rock, Momi, Wendy King and husband, Jeff Ward, Rene Cunningham, Ford White, Dr. McKee, Kim Davidson and her amazing husband for helping with food, Scott Hatch and his amazing staff!

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