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Senior Academic Letters Due 4/27 @ 2:30pm

Seniors! Academic Letter Applications will be available on April 20th in the main office.  They will be due to the Department heads on April 28th

What are Academic Letters? Academic Letter Descriptions

The purpose of this program is to reward and promote academic excellence.  It enables a student to letter in subjects like English, history, and math, just as a student would in athletics.  Each student must meet the requirements of the individual department listed below in order to receive an Academic Letter.

Department Heads

  • Art- Michelle Landers
  • Ballroom- Kim McIntire
  • Business- Cynthia Carter
  • Computer Technology-Cynthia Carter
  • Dance- Lindsey Challis
  • Debate- Greg Arnold
  • English- Kasey Hammer
  • ESL- Glori Smith
  • Family & Consumer Economics- La Rae Mason
  • Mathematics- Terri Taylor
  • Medical- Denise Abbott
  • Music- Russell Oliphant  (Choir) Jared Hearld (Band) Marcel Bowman (Orchestra)
  • Service Learning-Lisa Pulver
  • Science- Denise Abbott
  • Social Studies- Jeremy Stephenson
  • Student Leadership- Cassidy Baker
  • Technology- Rich Lamb
  • World Language- Stephen Van Orden



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