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Interested in Timpview Ballroom???

Mr. McIntire, from Centennial Middle School,  is excited to be the new coach of the Timpview Ballroom Dance Team next year. There will be two teams of equal ability level, held 1st and 2nd periods. Nearly all practices will be done during classroom time (meaning, no conflicts with other sports or after school activities). It is possible to be on the Timpview team and another dance studio team as well. His goal is to build a performing and competing ballroom team that all of Timpview will be proud of for years to come. He invites any freshman, sophomore or junior who is interested in being on next year’s ballroom dance team to attend an informational meeting Thursday, April 14 from 2:30 – 3:00 in the Timpview dance studio C.  Anyone needing more information before the meeting can contact Mr. McIntire at kimm@provo.edu.

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