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Don’t Forget Your Summer Assignments!

The countdown has begun! Make sure to check your classes for whether you have an summer homework or assignments for your classes next year. For further questions, email your teachers below.

Honors & AP Summer 2017-2018 Summer Assignments

Timpview High School

AP Class: Teacher: Contact Information: Summer Assignment:
AP World History Cassidy Baker cassidyb@provo.edu

Class Blog: bakersapworld.blogspot.com

AP World Summer H/W

AP United States History Derek Bowen derekb@provo.edu  

  1. Print the following Study Guide for Chapter 1 and fill it out completely while reading:


  1. Read Prelude, Introduction, and Chapter 1 of United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination (Iowa: AMSCO School Publications, 2018). Access the book here:


  1. Answer all questions at the end of Period 1 on a separate sheet of paper: Multiple Choice Questions 1-9, Short-Answer Questions 1-4, and the Think As An Historian Question.
  • The completed Study Guide and a separate paper with the answers to the AMSCO book questions are due the first day of class.


AP Government Glori Smith gloris@provo.edu AP Government Assignment
AP Human Geography Jeremy Stevenson jeremys@provo.edu NONE
AP Psychology Jeremy Stevenson jeremys@provo.edu Stevensonappsych.blogspot.com
English 10 Honors Dave Sutherland davidsut@provo.edu suthys10honorsenglish.blogspot.com
English 9 Honors Kasey Hammer

Rachel Cottam



English 9 Summer H/W
AP English Literature (12th) Melanie McCloud melaniemc@provo.edu NONE
AP English Language (11th) Alison Van Orden alisonv@provo.edu AP English Language H/W
AP Statistics Karil Sweetwood KarilS@provo.edu NONE
CE College Algebra/Trig Karil Sweetwood lisap@provo.edu Qualify with ACT 23 or

ACCUPLACER (at UVU) score 60

Contact Lisa Pulver if you have questions

Med Tech/Medical Principles Denise Abbott denisea@provo.edu Med Tech H/W
Physiology Honors Denise Abbott denisea@provo.edu Physiology Honors H/W
AP Art None
AP Spanish None
AP French None
AP German None
AP Biology None
CE Chemistry Dave Shelton daveshel@provo.edu Must register at UVU!!

Visit website:


AP Calculus AB Carla Johnson carlaj@provo.edu NONE

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