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Dance Concert Review

Dance Concert Review by Kathryn Eyring

“Behind the Scenes”

Hidden figures can be described as people who work behind the scenes to make a difference in someone’s life, oftentimes going unnoticed. They may not receive much recognition for their influence or acts of service, yet they are a strong presence in impacting someone’s life in a positive way. This is what the Timpview Dance program decided to focus on this past weekend as they presented their spring concert titled “Behind the Scenes.”

Each dance was dedicated to an individual who impacted the choreographer’s life and was a positive influence on them. Whether it be honoring school teachers, parents, or friends, all of the dances focused on highlighting people that worked behind the scenes to improve the lives of others. Prior to each dance starting, a slide was presented, often times showing a video of the choreographer explaining the meaning behind the dance and who it was dedicated towards. Dances ranged widely in style as they varied from hip hop to contemporary to jazz. Dance and Pop Culture, Dance I, Dance II, Dance III, and Dance Company all contributed as part of the concert.

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