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Congrats to our Reflections Winners


Dance Choreography: 1st Place Teresa Gao
Film Production: 1st Place Sam Charles ( also received an Award of Excellence for its strong portrayal of theme and, the thoughtfulness of the project and the story-line–it had an additional 4 judges that are professionals in the film production field).
2D Arts:
1st Place: Teresa Gao  (Award of Excellence winner: the artists statement along with the picture was an vivid interpretation of the theme that rang true with the judges.)
2nd Place: Ellie Hurtado
Special Art 2D:
1st Place Daxia Tolman and Abby Beutler (especially fun because it had co-artists working together.)
3-D Art: 1st Place Lais Oliverira (showed masterful craftsmanship and had all the judges talking and discussing this piece, Award of Excellence- it received the highest combined score of all the entries in all the categories)
1st Place: Ashlyn Anderson
2nd:Place: Hanna James
3rd Place: Teresa Gao
Music Composition:
1st Place: Heidi Snyder
2nd Place: Teresa Gao
1 st Place: Teresa Gao
2nd Place: Matthew James
3rd Place: Abby Buetler
Teresa Gao deserves some kind of “Renaissance Woman Award” for her work in so many fields of art.

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