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Congrats to Our Newly Elected SBO Officers for 2018-2019!

Special thank you to all our candidates! We had so many great students who ran amazing campaigns! We hope you know how impressed we were with all of you. It was one of the smoothest campaign years ever. We wish we could take all of you!!! Please consider appointed position interviews (sign ups will be on Baker’s door for the Thursday and Friday after Spring Break!) Thank you again for caring so much about your school and putting yourselves out there this week!

Student Government 2018-2019

SBO President: William Shakespeare

SBO VP: Pita Tua’one

SBO Secretary: Grace Pope

SBO Social VP: Ben Kartchner


Men’s President: Seth Hurtado

Women’s President: Grace Miller


Senior President: Eliza Smith

Senior Vice President: Bailey Morris

Senior Secretary: Shelby Stubbs


Junior President: Jane Bergeson

Junior Vice President: Mason Banks

Junior Secretary: Lais Oliveira


Sophomore President: Matthew Osborn

Sophomore Vice President: Jacob Harrison

Sophomore Secretary: John Sandberg


Freshmen President: TBA

Freshmen VP: TBA

Freshmen Secretary: TBA


Boys Edgemont Senate: Ben Tuivai

Girls Edgemont Senate: Morgan Richards

Edgemont Justice: John Doxey


Boys Canyon Senate: Dallin Burningham

Girls Canyon Senate: Christy Bradford

Canyon Justice: Alexis LeBaron


Boys Campus Senate: Matt Pope

Girls Campus Senate: Ellie Nelson

Campus Justice: Hannah Gouff


Boys South Senate: Noah Macedone

Girls South Senate: Laudy Kaouk

South Justice: Hufanga Pulu

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