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Computer Programmers Take Top Honors at UVU Robot Challenge

Congratulations to the Timpview Robotics Programming team  from left to right of  Jonathan Dromey, Michael Heaton, Wayne Li-Captain, Ward Yorgason, Ben Jacobs and Instructor Gary Ashton. They took first place in the Annual UVU Grand Robot Challenge. The team had to build and program Lego-Mindstorm Robots to perform four very challenging tasks. These tasks included a Mama-Baby Bot challenge, an ATV challenge, a Follow-the-Line challenge and an Object Collection challenge. Additional members that assisted the traveling team were Quinn Karpowitz, Jaxson Stewart, Joseph Summerhays, Joseph Heal and Sam Finch. Each traveling team member received a$50 dollar Best Buy gift certificate from the UVU Grand Robot Challenge organizers.

Congratulations to all involved!!!

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