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BYU French Fair 2018 Results!

Results are finally in! Timpview Students Excel at BYU French Fair 2018!!!
The following French students competed in BYU’s French Fair in both Dual Language Immersion and general French categories on April 19th with special recognition to the following students who won the specified awards at the top of the list:
Sophie Choate:Exceptionnel in Speech (Discours)-Level 5
                         1st Place in Vocabulary Level 4 test
Anne Choate:   Exceptionnel in Speech (Discours)-Immersion competition
                         1st Place in Reading Level 4 Test
Charles Shrader: Exceptionnel in Conversations & Interviews-Immersion competition
Yejin Bann-Exceptionnel in Poetry-Level 3
Phoebe Clark: 1st Place French Culture Bowl
Madison Mortensen: 1st Place French Culture Bowl
Halle Pearce: 1st Place French Culture Bowl
Alyssa Ross: 1st Place French Culture Bowl
Britney Sewell: Excellent in Conversations & Interviews-Level 4
Lillie Ingle: Excellent in Speech-Immersion level
Joelleene Angel: Excellent in Academic Poster (Immersion Competition)
Rachel Gledhill: 2nd Place in Vocabulary Level 3 Test
                          Conversations/Interviews: Level 3
Elijah Duce: Visual Arts
Zachary Mongie: Visual Arts
Julia Herrera: Visual Arts
Sophie Thompson: Visual Arts
Ashley Berges: Academic Poster
Evelyn Segura-Bonilla: Academic Poster
Moriah Kennard: Academic Poster (Immersion Competition)
Adam Call: French Choir pianist
Tavinder Cook: French Choir
Elizabeth Geary: French Choir
Kendra Gaillard French Choir
Hannah James: French Choir
Marie Li: French Choir
Ivan Vazquez Olivarria: Level 1 Spelling
Carlos Alvarez-Tejada: Level 1 Spelling
Nikolh Barrera: Level 1 Spelling
Ashley Kinzer: Level 2 Spelling
Benjamin Tuivai: Level 2 Spelling
Joseph Tuivai: Level 2 Spelling
David Montejo Camacho-Level 3 Spelling
Juliana Nordstrom-Spelling (Immersion Level)
Kathryn Nordstrom-Spelling (Immersion Level)
Sonia Bourgeous-Spelling (Immersion Level)
Terra Guzman-Spelling (Immersion Level)
Jacob Bird-Spelling (Immersion Level)
Natasha Gomez: Level 1 Conversations/Interviews
Mary Payne: Level 2 Conversations/Interviews
Liberty Miller: Conversations/Interview (Immersion Level)
Emma Teasdale: Monologue
Alysha Henrie: Monologue (Immersion level)
Zoë Jarvis: Monologue (Immersion Level)

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