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American Sign Language 3 Syllabus

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

2017-2018   9th-12th  Elective 1.0 credit points

American Sign Language 3

Remind: (405) 309-9968 class code: @ths3

We will be using Canvas for this class.

Throughout the year of studying ASL, you can understand and say a lot. In general, can talk about relationships, art in the Deaf world, traveling, vacations, weather, life events, current events, discuss opinions, and discuss about future plans. You will probably make mistakes when you communicate, but you should keep in mind that these mistakes are a natural part of learning a new language.. Throughout the year, you will be able to confidently have culturally appropriate conversations. (Adapted from: Sarah Gorgis-Pratt. Previous ASL Teacher Corner Canyon High School.)

Learning Expectations

Change from Course DescriptionIn ASL 3 we will focus on ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages) Intermediate Mid “I can Statements” in the following areas:

  • Expressive Skills (What you can sign): Everything you have already learned from level one and two will be taken to greater lengths. You will be able to express yourself more deeply and expound on the concepts you want to get across.
  • Receptive Skills (What you can understand): Your receptive ability is expanding to include not only the conversations that you have in class with your teacher and your classmates but also short, other signers that you meet. When you watch native Deaf signers, you generally always get the main idea and can pick out several details.
  • Historical/ Cultural Analysis: Your understanding of the Deaf Community as a distinct cultural group is continuing to develop. You can read articles, blogs, and short novels with straight-forward information in regards to Deaf issues. When you read these cultural/historical texts, you generally always get the main idea and can pick out some details in order to analyze, discuss, and apply the topics to your everyday living.

(Sarah Gorgis-Pratt. Previous ASL Teacher Corner Canyon High School.)


  • Signing Naturally by Ken Mikos, Cheri Smith, Ella Mae Lentz
  • Journey into the Deaf World by Harlan L Lane
  • For Hearing People Only by Matthew S. Moore, Linda Levitan
  • Deaf World: A Historical Reader and Primary Sourcebook (selected articles) by Lois Bragg
  • Master ASL by Jason Zinza
  • Authentic ASL/Culture Videos/Vlogs

Assessment of Progress

During the term we will base our learning on the (American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages)  “I can statements” at the Intermediate Mid Proficiency Level


This year we will focus on the journey of learning and improving ASL Skills: Interpersonal Communication, Presentational Speaking, Receptive and Culture/History.. We will do a modified version of Standard Based Grading, this means during the term I will assess your “Intermediate Mid “I can” through presentations, group chats, projects etc. You will earn a score of 0-4 for each “I can statement” and it will be recorded in gradebook during the term. I will allow retakes if requested. During learning I will provide as much feedback as I can. The assessment score will be part of your personal reflection in determining your grade for the term.

ACTFL “I Can Statement”  Points: idea adapted by Lauren Stewart. 2016. Chemedx.org.

0-Did not demonstrate any ASL Skills


(Novice Low or Lower)

2-Not there yet!

(Novice Mid)

3-You are getting there! (Intermediate Low/Novice High)

4-You mastered it! (Intermediate Mid)  

  • All students will complete a personal reflection and decide what their final grade for the term will be.
  • Language/Culture Immersion (This includes Real World Application Assignment along with in class immersion)
  • Active Learner (participation, attendance/tardy, All assignments, projects, homework, etc will also will be part of your personal reflection)
  • Proficiency (Assessment recorded in the gradebook by teacher during term)
  • Teacher has final say based on professional judgement of student’s proficiency.


Course Materials

  • Throughout the year you will be asked to bring supplies to the classroom to aid in your learning (posters, food, magazines, newspapers,)
  • Paper and pen

Classroom Procedures

  • No voicing policy is expected at all times in the classroom in order to be fully engaged in the language. This will help you progress your signing (receptive and expressive), show respect of the language/culture, and learn about cultural rules and behavior. Please turn off your voice as soon as you step into the classroom. (Sarah Gorgis-Pratt. Previous ASL Teacher Corner Canyon High School.)
  • Respect the language and culture as you would want your language/culture respected (In this classroom we will practice Deaf culture norms)
  • Attendance is expected. If you want to be successful, you must attend class.
  • Participate in all activities, this will benefit your learning of the language and culture  
  • Encouraging classmates to voice off and participate
  • Take responsibility in your learning

(Sarah Gorgis-Pratt. Previous ASL Teacher Corner Canyon High School.)

It’s about Learning & Respect

Immersion  Education:”Voices-Off Policy”

The best and easiest way to learn a second language is simply by learning it the same way you learned your native language as a child. By others around you using it and YOU USING IT to the best of your abilities!!!

In order to provide a authentic language environment, our classroom will be a voice-free zone. As the teacher I will communicate with the students ENTIRELY in ASL and other manual means in order to get the concepts across and understood. Students are  expected to communicate ENTIRELY in ASL or other manual means (pantomiming, gesturing, writing, etc.) while in class. This is your time to make mistakes, play with the language, learn from your mistakes, have fun with this amazing and unique language! Failure to meet this requirement will affect your learning abilities, which will then reflect in your overall course grade. Because this course is demanding and rigorous, both students AND parents need to be on-board with this process. With commitment, enthusiasm and desire to learn, success will be inevitable!!!

(Sarah Gorgis-Pratt. Previous ASL Teacher Corner Canyon High School.)

  • Timpview Attendance Policy will be enforced. During the interview you will be asked about your attendance grade to help to determine if were active in your learning such as if you missed class, did you go over the materials of on canvas of the things you missed? And talked to classmate about what you missed?

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Interviews will be held the last week of the term.

  • Term 1: Week of October 16th (might hold interviews the Friday before)
  • Term 2: Week of January 8th (might hold interviews the Friday before)
  • Term 3: Week of March 12th
  • Term 4: Week of May 14th (a week earlier)

DUE: at the time of your interview.

Pick one of the following. You must pick different assignment each term.

You must VOICE OFF and SIGN during the entire activity.

  • Pick a day during the week that you will be home & at school. You need to interact with friends, family, classmates & teachers.
  • Sign with a friend/family member (they must know ASL too) for 45 minutes at the mall, store or restaurant.
  • Order food at the drive through.
  • Talk with a Deaf person for 45 minutes.
  • Movie theater: Attend open caption movie or use rear view captioning.
  • Attend a current event happening in the Deaf community (I will post about upcoming events)
  • Watch a movie with subtitles. (NO sound) ahh!!
  • Read about Audism. (Ideas: internet search, articles, books, etc)
  • Hang out at the Deaf center for an hour (must interact with people)
  • Attend an event hosted by another school (ASL related)
  • Movies: must have parent permission to watch.  
  • No Ordinary Hero: The Superdeafy Movie
  • The Hammer
  • Sweet Nothing in my Ear
  • The Legend of the Mountain Man
  • Option for Term 1 hosted by THS: Saturday September 30 12:00-2:00 PM Potluck at Kiwanis Park
  • Option for Term 2 hosted by PHS: Saturday, April 28 12:00-2:00 PM Potluck at Kiwanis Park (Planned by level 4 PHS)

Real World Application Assignment is due at time of your interview.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

If have 504/IEP I will honor that.

Parents and students can keep track of progress of ACTFL “I Can Statements” through gradebook.  All powerpoints will be posted on canvas under calendar for reviewing and catching up if missed class. Also I will be providing feedback about ASL skills throughout the term (in person, through evaluations, etc).

Answer the following:
  • Every time you attended class, did you immerge yourself in the language 90% or more of the time?
  • Did you try to emerge yourself in the culture? (applying Deaf cultural norms in the classroom and out of the classroom?)
  • Can you say you did your part as a student as an active learner?
  • What is your attendance grade for this class?
  • If you missed class, you looked over canvas of the material you missed? And talked with classmates about what you missed?
  • Participated in all class activities/Assignments
  • Stayed on task?
  • During the term, did you continuously try to improve your interpersonal, presentational and receptive skills?
  • Looking over your scores from this term, can you say that you applied what you have learned and feel you have improved your ASL skills?
  • How many “I can statements” have you mastered?:
  • Did you complete the Real World Application Assignment?

Here’s a suggestion guide that will help you decide your grade for the term.

  • A   Most questions are answered yes. Most of ACTFL“I can statements” are mastered “4”, no more than 2 scores of 3. During interview Intermediate Mid skills are demonstrated.
  • A-  Most questions are answered yes. There’s a mixture of score of “ 3 & 4”   ACTFL “I can statements”, no scores lower than 3. During interview Intermediate Mid skills are mostly demonstrated.
  • B +  Most questions are answered yes, no more than 2 “no”. Most of  ACTFL“I can statements” score are “3”, no more than 2 scores of 2. During interview Intermediate Low skills are demonstrated.
  • B  A few questions answered “no”, Many ACTFL “I can statements” score are “3” but a few “2” and/or Intermediate Low skills are demonstrated during interview.
  • B-  A few questions answered “no”, Many ACTFL“I can statements” score are “2” and/or Novice High skills are demonstrated during interview.
  • C+ There’s a mix of questions answered “yes & no”, ACTFL “I can statements” score is a mixture of “1 & 2”.  and/or Novice Mid skills are demonstrated during interview.
  • C many questions answered “no”, ACTFL “I can statements” score is a mixture of “1 & 2” and/or  Novice Mid or lower are demonstrated during interview.
  • C – many questions answered “no”, ACTFL “I can statements” score is a mixture of “1 & 2” and/or Novice Mid or lower skills are demonstrated during interview.
  • D + and below  many questions answered “no”, ACTFL “I can statements” score is a mixture of “1 & below”  and/or  Novice Low or lower are demonstrated during interview.

Connecting Home to School


  • Each year, the Timpview World Language Department will offer three language courses in each language: ASL 1 , ASL 2, and ASL 3.  Students will progress from class to class based on their proficiency progression as measured by the ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching Foreign Languages) Proficiency Guidelines not based on seat time.

Please fill out google forum to answer out some questions after you have read the syllabus.

To sign the syllabus Link: http://bit.ly/2wXoZJa

Personal Statement and other items (optional)