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College and Career Literacy: Foundations

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

College and Career Literacy: Foundations is a semester-long class that focuses on reading and writing skills so that students can flourish in school and after graduation. Though in this first year of the class the majority of students are ninth graders, the class is structured for any student who is reading below grade level and would like to gain proficiency in reading. The course includes an abundance of varied reading materials and instruction to increase fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and enjoyment of reading.

The first half of each class period will focus on reading and enjoying books, stories and poetry. During this part of class, we will explore literary elements and rhetorical devices while improving fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary and will discover that that reading can be invigorating, soothing, provoking, and satisfying.

But what is truly innovative about this course is how informational reading and writing will be taught. During the second half of each class period, I will teach skills like breaking down complex text and figuring out tricky words as we complete a required online course together; this way, what the students learn is immediately applied to a class in real time and for a real grade. This year, we will complete an online health class that is required for graduation in Utah. Students at Timpview usually take this class during their sophomore year, but my students will complete it during CCL: Foundations. This means students will leave class with .5 elective credit and .5 credit for the required health class, freeing a semester in their sophomore year for another class. Even more exciting, students should leave CCL: Foundations a more confident reader, writer, and learner.

I am extraordinarily excited to teach this class and anticipate enormous growth in the students enrolled.

Welcome to class, and let’s read!

Mrs. Moulton





Learning Expectations

Students will receive two grades in this class, one for their efforts and improvement in reading, both fiction and non-fiction, and one for the online health course, Healthy Living.

The grade for reading will be based on the following criteria:

Attendance: 10 points per day–2 points will be deducted for a tardy of less than five minutes, 3 points will be deducted for a tardy of more than 5 minutes, 5 points will be deducted for a tardy of 30 minutes or more. No points will be given if not in attendance.

Participation: 20 points per day–Participation includes answering when called on, raising a hand when you have an answer or a question, appropriately joining in discussions, staying on task, and completing in-class work. Points will be deducted for not participating and whenever a student impedes anyone’s learning.

In-class Reading: 25 points per day–Points will be deducted if a student does not read steadily during the time given.

Points lost because of unexcused absences or tardies cannot be made up. Points lost because of excused absences or tardies can be made up during lunch and during consultation.

Progress: Students cannot achieve an A grade unless they demonstrate progress in reading skills. Progress will be assessed through the Reading Inventory assessment and through a 0ne-on-one oral assessments with me.

For a course overview and syllabus for Healthy Living, click here.

Assessment of Progress

Students will take the Reading Inventory (RI) assessment at the beginning of each term and at the end of the second term.

Students will participate in  a one-on-one oral assessment with me several times throughout the semester. I will be assessing fluency, comprehension, rate, pacing, and vocabulary skills.

If any assessment is missed, the student will need to make it up. Assessments may be made up during lunch or during consultation.

If a student shows progress, he/she qualifies for an A grade, but to get the A, the student must also have at least 85% of attendance and participation points.

Course Materials

Supplies needed for this class are

  •  A 1 or 1 1/2 inch three-ring binder or a section of a binder
  • college-ruled, loose-leaf filler paper
  • Writing utensils–either a pencil or a pen with either blue or black ink
  • A reading book–Sometimes this will be chosen from a selection I provide, sometimes from our school library, other times the students will have complete freedom to choose the book. If the student is reading a “free-choice” book for English class, that book may be used in CCL-F as well.

If you are not able to provide these materials, please let me know so that I can help.

Classroom Procedures

Attendance: The school attendance policy will be strictly enforced. See the school website for details. Again, points lost because of unexcused absences or tardies cannot be made up.

Hall Passes: Students should use the bathroom and get a drink before class begins! The hall pass should be used for bathroom emergencies only. Students should only need to use the hall pass once or twice a term. If a student uses the pass more than I deem reasonable, he/she will lose hall pass privileges and parents will be contacted. If a student has a medical condition that requires leaving the room, please inform me of the situation.

Cell Phones and Electronics: Cell phones, smart watches, earbuds, etc. are not allowed without my permission. Permission will only be given to use the device for classroom work. If a student uses a device without permission, the device will be confiscated and sent to the main office where the student can collect it after school. As per school rules, cell phones are not to be used in hallways during class time.

Food, Drink, and Hats: I do not allow food, drinks, or hats in class.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Grades will be regularly updated on PowerSchool. I encourage students to check their grades frequently to check for missing points and to make sure that I have recorded points correctly. If there is an error, please contact me immediately so that I can correct it.

Connecting Home to School

If you have questions, please send me a message at heatherm@provo.edu. If necessary, you can call me at 801-221-9720, ext. 3607.  If I do not answer, leave a voice message with your name, your student’s name and your phone number. I am also available on Mondays during Consultation from 1:40 – 2:15. My classroom is U-15, but if you don’t find me there, please look in my office, which is found directly across from U-27. I am usually at the school long before 7 a.m., and rarely leave before 4 p.m. If my door(s) are open (classroom or office), I am in the building. If you cannot find me, ask the secretary in the main office to page me and I will meet you there.

Personal Statement and other items (optional)