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Digital Media I

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Grade level:10-12

Credit type and amount: CTE/elective 1.0

This course is a fast paced course that introduces you to a little bit of everything think of it like this, a mile wide and an inch deep meaning we will not spend a lot of time on any one of the projects but hopefully introduce you the process of thinking how to design and make things look good we will be using elements of text, graphics, animation, sound, video, and digital imaging for various formats. These abilities will prepare you for entry-level multimedia positions and provide fundamental 21st Century Learning skills beneficial for other occupational/educational endeavors.

This being said this class is a huge time commitment and a lot of hard work. If you put in the work and time you will have a great experience in the class, however if you are not willing to do this you will have a very long semester.

Learning Expectations

Our goal in this class is to one introduce you to the wide variety of media and the skills needed in order to accomplish awesome things. The second goal is to help you find out whether or not you have any interest in this area of study so that you can later on find classes and course to take to deepen your knowledge in those areas

Assessment of Progress

The state requires that you complete a state competency test at the end of each semester of this class.  If you pass with an 80% or higher, you will receive a certificate from the state.  However, scores on this test are not an indication of intelligence.  It is only one of many ways to assess learning.

Course Materials

Recommended Equipment

Most equipment in this class will be provided for you.  I do recommend having a USB drive (AKA “flash drive” or “jump drive”) or SD card of at least 8GB that you can bring to class each day.  An external hard drive or cloud storage (i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc.) would also work.  This is so you can backup any files and projects you  are working on in case of computer failures or other glitches.

Classroom Procedures

Classroom Rules

The goal and purpose of the rules is to create a classroom environment that all students are comfortable in and can learn as the instructor I can only do so much to ensure this environment you as the students need to help with the rest as we all learn new things.

  • No food or drink is allowed in the lab or the studios
  • Abusive vulgar or profane language or behavior is strictly prohibited
  • Don’t cause harm to yourself, others, or equipment
  • Create an environment for learning
  • Students will treat each other, and the instructor, with respect and tolerance.
  • Vulgar or profane lyrics/language and /or behavior are not acceptable in student projects.
  • Attendance Policy will be enforced.
  • Keep the classroom clean

Class etiquette and Procedures

  • When there is an announcement all noise stops until all information is given
  • If I am giving instruction I expect you to be watching and quietly paying close attention to what I am doing.
  • At the end of class you should logout and tuck your chair in and take any trash that you have.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Due at the end of  the 1st quarter

  • Flash animation
  • Logo and package design
  • Company website

Due at the end of 2nd quarter

  • Trailer remix
  • Vlog
  • Photography

Digital portfolio this will be a website you will deign to have a collection of all the work you do in this class

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Grades will be posted on powerschool

Connecting Home to School

Mr. Joseph Mitchell | email: josephm@provo.edu | office #: (385)-325-0778 | timpviewmedia.weebly.com

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

Equipment check out

You will be able to check out any of the equipment in the class after school and it needs to be checked in the following school morning whether or not you have my class that day. Then you can came and check it out again. Realize we do not have equipment for everyone so it will be a first come first served.

As a class, we may choose to adjust the contents of this document to better support learning at any time.  If we do make adjustments, I will contact parents through email and/or a letter that will detail the changes.