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PWT Syllabus

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Course Title: Physics with Technology

Credit: Science .25 per Term

Grade Level: 9-12

This is a general physics course that will be taught on a basis algebra math level.

Learning Expectations

STANDARD I:  Students will understand how to measure, calculate, and describe the motion of an object in terms of position, time, velocity, and acceleration.

STANDARD II:  Students will understand the relation between force, mass, and acceleration.

STANDARD III:  Students will understand the factors determining the strength of gravitational and electric forces.

STANDARD IV:  Students will understand transfer and conservation of energy.

STANDARD V:  Students will understand the properties and applications of waves.

Assessment of Progress


Assessments are all on a 5 scale. You may retake the assessments as many times as you want up until the last week of the term. No retakes will be given during the last week of the term. You only retake the questions you need or want to make up. To retake an assessment you must follow the instructions on the test retake form that is found in the class info section of class website. The main points of this form are to make sure

  1. All your work for that unit is turned in and graded.
  2. You have done the make-up problems for the question you are retaking, they have been graded and you have gotten help with your struggles.

All test retakes will be done in the testing center.



Assignments are for you to learn and practice what you have learned so that you can do well on the assessments. You will have a wide variety of assignments including homework problems and labs.

If you miss any assignment you will need to make it up. You can find the assignment and it’s due date on the class website.

Labs are a special assignment. They are designed to give you practice using the equipment, which is part of the final exam for this class, and for application of the concepts we learn. Labs will be submitted on the class website. You will download or copy the lab sheet to your google docs and type up the labs and then submit them on the class website. The lab will be graded and feedback will be given which may require you to redo the lab. You should check the class website for that feedback.

If you miss a lab you will miss a significant part of the learning. If you do miss a lab you will need to do the makeup-lab. The instructions for the make up will be found on the class website. You will need to do the make up and turn it in, remember if you turn in the makeup-lab after the due date of the original lab and you did not make prior arrangements then you will lose points. There are a few labs, if missed, you will not be able to make up.

If you miss a quiz there is no make-up.

There is no extra credit in this class.

Course Materials

The items you will need for class are:

pen or pencil




The calculator does not need to be very expensive. If it can do basic mathematical operations, scientific notation and trigonometric functions that is fine. You may use an electronic device as a calculator as long as it cannot transmit data (text, email, no internet connection or phone connection).

Please know that if I see an unapproved electronic device or an electronic device not being used as a calculator I will follow the school policy and confiscate it and turn it into the office.

If you have a real need you should ask to use the electronic device in class.

You are considered in class as soon as you walk in my door not when the bell rings.

The Textbook is online and can be found on Canvas.

Classroom Procedures


The School attendance procedure, will be followed in class.

Class Website:

The class website (canvas: https://provo.instructure.com/)  is an online classroom environment. The site is updated as soon as plans change. You can find assignments, handouts, worksheets, class plans, sample problems, lecture notes, and more on class website. If you miss class or have a question about when something is due you need to check this site. If you lose a worksheet or handout you can download another copy from class website. You will also submit assignments and take quizzes on class website. You will need to check due dates on Canvas because some assignments will be due when we do not have class. You will also need to check the time the assignments are due to make sure you submit the assignment before the time due. If there is ever a question about when something is due Canvas is correct.

Parents/Guardians may login under their students name.


If you would like you can set up your canavs account to receive notifications of changes and updates by email or text. I would recommend you do this.


Mr. Mcilmoil also has class twitter, instagram and youtube accounts. They are used to post helpful items, information and for students to ask questions. This way other students who have the same questions can see the answers. All of these accounts are under the name phather_phizix. You may want to follow these accounts so that you can see the questions and answers. Please remember that Mr. Mcilmoil is not as attached to social media as many of you so it will probably take a day or so to get an answer to a question that you post. If you post a questions please use #macpwt.


Google Docs:

You are expected to use google docs in class.

Labs will be done with google docs and you equations, calculations, graphs and drawings will be included in your labs.


To get to your school google account go to


Enter your user name

first and last initials followed by student ID [am456789@stu.provo.edu]

Password is your birthday with the full year i.e. 1986.

Extra Help:

If you been in class, have taken good notes, read the book and used the online resources and you are still struggling Mr. McIlmoil is available to get extra help at lunch and after school.

If you want to come in at lunch you may just show up in the first 5 minutes of lunch. You do not need to make an appointment or even tell Mr. McIlmoil you will be there, just come in the first 5 minutes of lunch.

If you want to come after school you will need to make an appointment with Mr. McIlmoil at least the day before you want to come.

Please realize this time is not for you to do homework but time to ask questions you are struggling with. You should come prepared by having done/attempted your homework and with questions you need answered.

Academic Integrity:

Your own work should be your own work.You should not take credit for another person’s work.

Tests and quizzes should be done on your own without help from others. On homework you may work together but copying of assignments is considered cheating.

You are also not allowed to share calculators on tests or talk about tests with other classes. Both of these will be considered cheating. If you are caught cheating you and any person part of the cheating will be given zero for the test or assignment, you will not allowed to make it up and you will be referred to the administration for disciplinary action.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Term 1:

Project: Build a Dragster


Term 2:

Project: Race your Dragster


Term 3:

Project: Wind Mill


Term 4:

Project: Final

Progress Reports and Report Cards


Your grade is made up of two categories: Assessments and Academic Behavior.

The assessment grade is a measure of your content knowledge.

The Academic Behavior grade reflects your responsibility in class. Did you do your work and did you do it on time. One part of the Academic Behavior grade is late work.

Late work is any work that is not turned in when it is due. It does not matter why you were not there.

If you know that you will not be able to turn in an assignment on time you may make prior arrangements with the teacher to turn in your work on a different date, then the work will not be considered late. If you do not make prior arrangements then the work is considered late and you will lose a point.

Your grade is based on these two categories and the following grade scale will be used:


Grade Scale:

There are 2 categories of work Assessments and Academic Behavior. Each category is worth a percent of your grade:

Assessments……………. 85 % Responsibility…………….. 15 %


These are used to figure a total percent and your grade is based on the following scale:

A 94 – 100 % C 73-76
A- 90-93 C- 70-72
B+ 87-89 D+ 67-69
B 83-86 D 63-66
B- 80-82 D- 60-62
C+ 77-79 F <60

Connecting Home to School

If you would like to contact me you can send me an email my email address is johnm@provo.edu, this address can be found on the school website. You can also call the school at 221-9720 ext 3610. Please know that I may not be able to answer my phone because of teaching duties but I do have voice mail and will return your call as soon as my teaching schedule allows.


Personal Statement and other items (optional)