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Early Childhood Education

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Semester (05) Credit Course

Grade Level 10-12

This course prepares individuals for child related and teaching careers through personal interaction with children. Instruction will be given in developing positive relationships with children, developing and teaching preschool curriculum, health and safety concerns, and  management techniques. On-site preschool experiences will be a major component of the course.

Education Hours and Experience Hours in this class may be used toward a CDA Certificate.

Learning Expectations

Strand 1 Students will identify and/or demonstrate Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP)

           Standard 1    Identify and demonstrate DAP activities for young children.

           Standard 2    Identify and demonstrate positive guidance techniques for preschoolers.

           Standard 3    Incorporate observation techniques and guidelines while studying children.

           Standard 4    Identify and implement appropriate environmental space arrangement.

Strand 2   Students will develop and implement age-appropriate curricula for young children.

          Standard 1   Identify components of curriculum planning.

          Standard 2    Create DAP learning experiences for preschoolers.

Strand 3  Students will identify and demonstrate how to maintain a healthy environment for young children

Strand 4  Students will evaluate the quality of various early childhood programs and review applicable licensing rules.

Strand 5  Students will identify and demonstrate employment skills needed to work with young children.

Assessment of Progress

Students will have a number of formative assessments to check for knowledge.

Students will create and teach a lesson plan with developmentally appropriate practices. These lessons will be taught throughout the preschool semester with each Early Childhood Education student receiving a specific date for his/her lesson.

At the end of the semester students will take a CTE State Final and receive an Early Childhood Education Skills Certificate if the score is 80% or above.

Course Materials

Students are expected to have a pen or pencil each day. All other materials will be supplied by Mrs. Mason.

Classroom Procedures

  • All Timpview High School policies will be strictly enforced. (Please read the student handbook.)
  • All cell phones must be out of sight once the bell rings. (In backpacks, bags, or pockets.) Participation points for the day will be lost for failure to comply with this rule.
  • No photos or videos may be taken in the classroom without teacher permission.
  • The Timpview Attendance Policy is new this year. Please make sure you completely understand the policy.
  • If a student is tardy, he/she must sign the tardy log. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence.
  • A student must have a hall pass whenever leaving class.
  • Students may only go to an office if they have been requested to do so with a note.
  • If a student leaves class without permission, he/she will be marked Truant.
  • If a student leaves class early, he/she will be marked Truant.
  • If a student is more than 10 minutes late, he/she must check in with the office and have a check-in note before coming to class.
  • It is expected that all students will treat others with respect.
  • Students who are absent have 1 extra day for each day missed to make-up assignments.
  • Assignments will be marked down one grade (A to A-) if turned in late. After 1 week the assignment will be marked down 50%. No late assignments may be turned in after 2 weeks.
  • Students need to make-up quizzes and tests during consultation. Students will have 2 Mondays to do so. (If a Monday is a holiday, it does not count as 1 of the 2.)
  • Grades and attendance must be checked by the student each week to check for errors. After 2 weeks no changes will be made in attendance records.
  • At the end of the term students will have 1 week to check for errors in grading. After 1 week the grade will stand.


Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Major Assignment: Writing and teaching developmentally appropriate curriculum (lesson plan). Each (student) teacher will be assigned a “Lead Teacher” day. The student will be in charge of planning the lesson for the day with help from his/her team. The student’s teaching team will help teach the different parts of the lesson.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Students should check grades on Power School on a weekly basis. Students are welcome during “Consultation” on Mondays for intervention or help with writing curriculum. I am also available at lunch and after school unless I have a scheduled meeting.

Connecting Home to School

E-mail is the best way to connect with me. I check it several times a day on school days.


Personal Statement and other items (optional)