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Marketing I & II

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Course Description: This course provides the student with a sound knowledge of the basic concepts of the marketing process. The key elements of the marketing mix-product planning, pricing policies and methods, distribution decisions and promotional strategies receive special emphasis. Other topics such as analyzing target markets and consumer buying behavior are also covered. Special emphasis will be placed on the key elements of the marketing mix, product planning, selling and promotion.

Learning Expectations

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Assessment of Progress


Quizzes and/or Exams will be given every unit. Exams count for 40 percent of your quarter grade. Along with Exams we will have a few major projects that will count for 15 percent of your grade. Any other project will be grouped with your class work, homework make up for 30 percent of your quarter grade. We will be taking a state test at the end of the course. Your final exam will be an on going Marketing Portfolio, this will count as 5 percent of your courses grade. Your portfolio will be split into many assignments that we will work on in class. You will receive a class work grade for all assignments. Students must save their work and all assignments to be handed in at the end of the semester to be graded as their finished Marketing Portfolio. Failure to hand in an assignment or handing in your portfolio will severely impact your grade

There is an ongoing Professional Development element of your grade that will count for 10 percent of your grade.



Quiz/Test         40%

Projects           15%

Homework        30%

Portfolio           5%

Prof. Develop.  10%

Course Materials

We will be doing an online Virtual Business course that will reinforce what the students will be learning in class.

Classroom Procedures


Students who are absent are required to make up any missed assignments and/or assessments within two class days of their return. Assignments may be completed during consultation or before and after school. If exams, quizzes, and assignments are not made up within two class days of return they will be counted as a zero. In the case of an absence, please make every effort to call the main office to request missed work.  Students are also expected to arrive to class prepared and ready to begin by the time the bell rings. Lateness and poor preparation will result in unfavorable consequences.


*There is a new attendance policy that can be seen at http://timpview.provo.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/THS-Attendance-Policy-Final.pdf Please review and understand the consequences.


Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

See Canvas

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Parents will be able to access student grades on PowerSchool

Connecting Home to School

The best way to contact me is via email at scottjo@provo.edu

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

Let’s Have a great year!

Marketing is everywhere! This class will allow help you understand what you see every day. We will bring in real life experiences and ideas to spark many interesting discussions. If we all will work together as a team, all of you will succeed in this class. Through mutual respect and hard work we can make this year great.