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Business Office Specialist

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Credit:  .5

Grade level: 9-12

This course applies advanced concepts and principles using word processing, spreadsheets, databases, and electronic presentation software. Students will integrate applications learned. This course builds on skills included in Computer Technology.

Learning Expectations


1st Term:
Daily Class Work–55 percent
Test/Quizzes–45 percent

2nd Term:

Daily Class Work–60 percent
Test/Quizzes–40 percent


Each student is expected to do his or her own work. Please see Computer Use Policy and Academic Integrity Policy in student handbook.

Assessment of Progress

Assignment Dates will be on Canvas

Assignments for Computer Technology are organized in modules and made available on Canvas (our online classroom management system). Students will work through each module as listed on Canvas. Students must check Canvas regularly for due dates and submission instructions. Although the student may see his or her scores in Canvas for individual assignments, the student’s official grade will be found on PowerSchool. The student is responsible for submitting work on time and keeping track of their grade on PowerSchool. It is the student’s responsibility to make up all work missed when absent for any reason. He or she is responsible to get class notes from another student, to find out what was missed, to ask for class handouts and make-up quizzes, etc.

Students are expected to take all tests on the same day as the rest of the class. Any make-up test due to unexpected absences must be completed immediately upon the student’s return and will only be allowed for EXCUSED ABSENCES. Students absent for extra-curricular activities will take the test prior to the absence. PLEASE PROPERLY EXCUSE ALL ABSENCES IMMEDIATELY!

Quizzes will be given at the beginning of the class period. Students must be in class on time to take the quiz. Tardy students may not be allowed to take the quiz.

Course Materials

Text for this course:  NONE

Supplemental:  NONE

Supplies Needed :  None


Classroom Procedures

Timpview High School Attendance Policy

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Due Dates for Assignments and Assessments will be listed on Canvas

Progress Reports and Report Cards

As a parent you will have access to PowerSchool and will be able to view your student’s grades.

Connecting Home to School

The best way to contact me will be through email: scottjo@provo.edu

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

This class will provide valuable instruction about using the Microsoft Office Suite.   If you have difficulty keeping up with the assignments, I am available before school (7:00 – 7:30)  Most days, I am available during lunch, and after school for assistance.

I am an advisor for FBLA and DECA and encourage those students that seek additional opportunities for extra curricular involvement