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AP Calculus AB Disclosure

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

This course is designed for those students who have successfully completed Secondary Math 1, 2 and 3, and College Algebra and/or Precalculus.  You will receive one math credit for this course toward high school graduation.  This course is an Advanced Placement course and as such, students can also earn college quantitative math or calculus credit by scoring a 3, 4 or 5 on the AP exam.  The topics that we will cover are Functions, Graphs, Limits, Derivatives, and Integrals.  I plan for this year to be a positive learning experience for you.  So let’s work together to make this your best math class ever!


Learning Expectations

Each unit, students will be given a learning target page which will outline our learning progression within that unit, with success criteria and performance of understanding.  I will post these pages to canvas as well.  Students will be expected to monitor their own progress toward mastering each learning target and gauge how they are meeting success criteria through performance of understanding (homework and daily quizzes).  If students are not understanding or able to master a target, they need to come in to get help after school prior to taking the unit test.  But if a student does not do well on a test even after they felt prepared, they will have a chance to show mastery of any target by doing test correctives.  I want all students to be able to tell me where they are in their own learning progression and explain what they know are are able to do.  If they need help, they should be able to pinpoint where, get help, and get back on course to mastery.  It is crucial that at this level of mathematics, students be able to monitor and adjust their own learning trajectory to ensure their own success.  In the end, I want all of my students to be strong, independent, self-aware learners.

Assessment of Progress

Learning targets for each unit are distributed at the beginning of the unit.  Each student will have a list of assignments (formative assessments) each time those are distributed.  Success criteria will be discussed as we review each assignment so that students will be able to track their own progress toward mastery of each target.  We will cover approximately two units per term.  At the end of each unit, we will take one day to review, followed by one day of summative testing.  All unit outlines are posted on my canvas page as they are assigned.  Our schedule needs to be flexible enough to allow me to do what is best for student learning throughout the year.  Please check canvas for the latest list of learning targets and power school for the latest due date schedule.

Course Materials

You will want to purchase or rent a graphing calculator (I recommend the TI-84) to use for this class.  You will want to be familiar with your own calculator for use on the AP Test, so I strongly recommend you have your own from the start.  We will be using the TI Nspire and TI Navigator in class when needed.  We will be using the Finney, Demana, Waits and Kennedy Calculus textbook (5th Edition), and students will have online access to the complete solutions manual through my canvas page.  Students will also be given a Barron’s AP Calculus Review book for use throughout the course to help us prepare for the AP Exam, which is given in early May.

Classroom Procedures


I support the Timpview attendance policy found in the student handbook.  I believe that you cannot be successful without at least 90% attendance.  I expect you to be prompt.  I give an incentive to be on time.  I will raise your final term grade 2% for having absolutely NO tardies.  You will be marked tardy in my class if you are not in the classroom ready to begin working productively when the tardy bell stops ringing.  Tardies can only be excused if I receive a note from another teacher saying why you were late on the day that the tardy occurs.  I expect students to be in class at all times.  If there is an immediate need to use the hall pass, you need to ask permission.  Please wait to ask until there is an appropriate break in our classroom activity.

Class Rules and Expectations:

  • Be courteous and respectful of everyone – always choose kindness.
  • Be ready to start class promptly when the bell stops ringing.
  • Bring your own supplies (paper, textbook and something to write with) to class every day!
  • Be involved in the appropriate classroom activity at all times.
  • Don’t bring food or drinks into my classroom unless you have enough to share with everyone.
  • Electronic devices will be confiscated when they are a distraction in class.

Grading Procedure:

Tests and Quizzes (80%)

Tests will be given at the end of each chapter, two or three each term.  They will be worth 100-150 points each.  I also give occasional mid-chapter quizzes that will be worth 25-50 points each.

    • We will have time before each test to review.  The assignment I give you for a review will not be taken for a homework grade.  However, I do expect you to do the assignment as it will help you prepare for the test.  As a reward for that work (besides making a wonderful test grade!), you have the opportunity to earn a FREEBIE pass.  You must do the complete review to earn a pass — even a single problem left undone will result in no FREEBIE.
    • On tests, I sometimes give bonus questions.  This is the only way you can earn extra credit, so you need to take advantage of these opportunities as we come to them throughout the term.
    • I do not allow you to use your notes on tests.
    • If you have completed all the homework for the unit prior to taking the original test, you will be eligible to improve your test score by doing a corrective and retaking only the questions missed on the original test.  The questions will be similar, but not exactly the same.  You must hand in your corrective at least one day prior to retaking your test.  All retakes must be done in either lab or the testing center.
    • If you are absent on the day of the test, you are expected to make up the test within one week of the original test date in either lab or the testing center.  If you do not make it up within that window of time, you may not be allowed to take the test at all.

Homework and Participation (10%)

At the beginning of each unit, I will give you a list of learning targets for the entire unit.  That paper will have the learning targets for each lesson in the unit, along with the homework assignments.  There will be a homework assignment each class meeting.

  • You should allow at least 90 minutes for homework and study each day. Homework solutions will be posted on canvas for your reference.  You will have time in class during the next class meeting to ask questions and clarify concepts from the homework, but you will be expected to have looked at the solution online to see if you can understand it from there first.
  • Each assignment will be worth 10 points. You will rarely have time to start your homework assignment in class, and I expect you to complete it at home.
  • Homework will be scored as follows:
0 No HW turned in
2 HW Score <25% completion
5 HW Score 25-55% completion
6 HW Score 55-64%  completion


7 HW Score 65-75%  completion
8 HW Score 75-84%  completion
9 HW Score 85-94%  completion
10 HW Score >94%  completion
  • I will accept late/makeup work up until the day of the unit test over those assignments. After the test over the material has been given, I will not accept any more late/makeup work from that unit, and you will not be eligible to do a corrective if you still have any missing assignments.  You may get a score no higher than 7 on a late assignment.  Late work has to be complete to earn up to 7 points.  Makeup work due to an excused absence will not be penalized.

Each day we meet, you will earn 5 points for being on time and prepared to learn.  You can earn 10 points each time you share your work at the board with the class.  Every Monday that you have class with me (depending on the even/odd rotation) you can earn 20 points by printing a progress report from power school and returning it with a note and signature from your parents.  You are expected to earn 150 points in a term.

  • Daily Quizzes (10%)

Daily Quizzes (DQs) will be review items from targets we have covered previously in class or things you may have learned in a previous course but are still expected to know and be able to do.

  • If you are absent or tardy to class, you will not be allowed to make these up. You must be present to earn the points.
  • I will drop the lowest two daily quiz grades to compensate for not allowing makeups.


 Academic Integrity

            Do your own work.  Working together and helping each other to learn is encouraged on homework assignments, but blatant copying is not.  Daily quizzes, quizzes and tests MUST be done alone—no help from others.  Those found to be copying or cheating in any way will be given a zero on the assignment, and parents and administrators will be notified.


Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Please check canvas for the latest assignments and power school for the latest due dates.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Your grade will be assigned according to the Timpview grade scale:

A          93 and above     B+        87-89%             C+        77-79%                 D+        67-69%

A-         90-92%              B          83-86%             C          73-76%                  D          63-66%

;)                                       B-         80-82%             C-         70-72%                 D-         60-62%

Your grade will be calculated based on three categories:

  • Tests and Quizzes (80%)
  • Homework and Participation (10%)
  • Daily Quizzes (10%)

Connecting Home to School

I will be available after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:15 – 3:30.  You can look up your grades and assignments on PowerSchool anytime by going to www.timpview.provo.edu.  I can be reached by email at carlaj@provo.edu, and by phone here at Timpview at 801-221-9720 ext. 3605.  I will return your phone call or email as quickly as possible.

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

Come everyday ready to work hard.  You can do hard things!  Together, let’s make this a great year!