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AP Calculus AB Lab Disclosure

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

This class is designed to support AP Calculus AB.  We will use this time to deepen our understanding of what was presented the day prior in the regular AP Calculus AB class.  It will be a time when you can receive personal attention and collaborate with your peers.  This class does not count toward math credit for graduation purposes.  You will receive one elective credit for this course.

Learning Expectations

This class is totally a support class for Calculus AB.  We will work on understanding and completing homework assigned in the regular class.  There will be no other work assigned in this class, and grading is based on attendance.  Credit for the course is elective credit.

Assessment of Progress

Course Materials

No extra supplies are needed for this class.

Classroom Procedures


I support the Timpview attendance policy found in the student handbook.  You will be marked tardy in my class if you are not in the classroom ready to begin working productively when the tardy bell stops ringing.  Tardies can only be excused if I receive a note from another teacher saying why you were late on the day that the tardy occurs.  I expect students to be in class at all times.  If there is an immediate need to use the hall pass, you need to ask permission.  Please wait to ask until there is an appropriate break in our classroom activity.

Class Rules and Expectations:

  • Be courteous and respectful of everyone – always choose kindness.
  • Be ready to start class promptly when the bell stops ringing.
  • Bring your own supplies (paper and something to write with) to class every day!
  • Be involved in the appropriate classroom activity at all times.
  • No food or drinks are allowed in my classroom.
  • Electronic devices will be confiscated if used inappropriately in class.

Grading Procedure:

Your grade will be calculated based on attendance and participation.  Each day you will earn up to 5 points.

  • If you are absent, you earn 0 of the 5 points and you will not be able to make them up, unless the absence is extracurricular excused. I will drop two scores at the end of the term to allow for any absences that may occur.
  • Here is how the 5 points will break down each day:
    • 1 point for attending
    • 1 point for being on time
    • 1 point for coming to class prepared with all supplies
    • 2 points for participating fully in the appropriate activity for the day

 Academic Integrity

Do your own work.  Working together and helping each other to learn is encouraged on homework assignments, but blatant copying is not.  Those found to be copying or cheating in any way will be given a zero on the assignment, and parents and administrators will be notified.


Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Check my canvas page for the regular AP Calculus AB class for a current list of assignments.  Check power school for the latest due dates.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Your grade will be assigned according to the Timpview grade scale:

;)                                      B+        87-89%             C+        77-79%                 D+        67-69%

A          93 and above    B          83-86%             C          73-76%                  D          63-66%

A-         90-92%             B-         80-82%             C-         70-72%                 D-         60-62%

Your grade will be calculated based on attendance and participation.  Each day you will earn up to 5 points.

Connecting Home to School

I will be available after school on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2:15 – 3:30.  You can look up your grades and assignments on PowerSchool anytime by going to www.timpview.provo.edu.  I can be reached by email at carlaj@provo.edu, and by phone here at Timpview at 801-221-9720 ext. 3605.  I will return your phone call or email as quickly as possible.

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

Lab is a time where you have the chance to ask for one-on-one help, when needed.  Take advantage of that!  Please don’t stay quiet and fall behind.  Please advocate for yourself when you need help!  Calculus is hard, but you can do hard things!  We will all work together to get better!

Let’s have a great year!