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Literacy B

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

Literacy B is a Resource English (Reading/Writing) class.  Students will be taught skills to help them improve their phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. Students will also receive writing instruction in sentence structure and composing paragraphs/essays. Students will read modified grade level texts and receive instruction on grade level writing strategies. Technology will be used in the classroom as a means of differentiating instruction. Students will also have class time for independent reading.

Learning Expectations

Assessment of Progress

In order to determine each student’s instructional needs, we will be doing formal and informal assessments throughout the school year such as the Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI), Scholastic Phonics Inventory (SPI), and curriculum-based assessment (reading comprehension book quizzes, teacher-made assessments, etc.).

Course Materials

Students must be prepared for class by having with them: their planner, a pencil/pen, and a composition notebook (this will be provided for them in class on the first day). 

Classroom Procedures

Seats may be assigned.  All school policies outlined in the Timpview student planner (dress and grooming, attendance, etc.) are EXPECTED to be followed.  Failure to follow school and class procedures may result in grade reductions, removal from class, or other disciplinary action.  Students are also expected to follow class rules.  Positive behavior reinforcement including praise occurs regularly in my classroom.  Students must stay in their seats or in the classroom as directed by the teacher until they have been dismissed (not just when the bell rings).  Bathroom and water breaks should be taken care of during passing period.  Students should respect the teacher as well as the other peers in the class.  Bullying, name-calling, inappropriate comments and sarcasm will not be tolerated.

Any electronic devices including but not limited to cell phones, mp3 players, and tablets are not to be used in class.  I will confiscate any devices being used inappropriately.  If food, drink, and/or gum become a problem in class, I may ban these items from my classroom.

Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Assignments are expected to be turned in on time. Typically, any work not completed and turned in will receive a ZERO in the gradebook.  I will work with the student in receiving full credit for late work if there is a valid reason for not turning it in (i.e. excused absences).  If a student has an unexcused absence, the student will receive a ZERO for any assignments done in class that day. They can make the assignment up if it is student-initiated.  Parents, if a student is going to be absent from school for health, family, etc. reasons, it is very important that you call Timpview to excuse the student from school for the days the student is absent. Students are responsible for getting any work that they missed due to absence.

Progress Reports and Report Cards

Students will be graded based on assignments and quizzes/tests. Students will have the ability to earn extra credit for being on time, participating, and staying on task. Grades are usually updated daily, but I will make sure they are updated at least weekly.  It is not the teacher’s responsibility to update students or parents every time a grade is entered.  Rather, the student should be checking his/her grades OFTEN on the PowerSchool website.  Also, all parents have access to PowerSchool and can see their child’s grades in any class.  I strongly suggest all parents check their child’s grades at least once a week. Here is the link to Powerschool: https://grades.provo.edu/public/ If there are any questions or concerns, I advise parents to e-mail me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  You will receive a copy of your student’s grades each term as well as a progress report on each of his/her IEP goals.

Connecting Home to School

Disclosure Document Agreement

By signing below, you agree to all the policies and procedures outlined in the disclosure document. Any questions or concerns should be addressed with the teacher.

Student Name: ________________________________

Student Signature: ________________________________    Date: ________________

Parent/Guardian Name: ______________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ____________________________ Date: ________________

Email and/or phone for parent: _____________________________________________________________________

Personal Statement and other items (optional)

We are all going to learn a lot this year. All I ask is that you come here to ready to learn and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Throughout the year we are going to have a lot of fun and a lot of challenges from pushing ourselves. I am excited for this year and to adventure on with you!