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Syllabi – Lifetime Sports

Course Description/Overview/Welcome Statement

The course emphasis will be on the importance of lifetime physical fitness, leisure time activities and sportsmanship. Activities will focus on court and field sports as well as other lifetime sports including but limited to: Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee Golf, Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Archery, Golf, Pickle Ball and Bowling. The class will include an emphasis on rules and regulations, performance and sportsmanship.

Learning Expectations

  1. Students will gain an understanding of the five elements of fitness: Cardiovascular, Muscular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Flexibility and BMI.
  2. Students should be able to follow the Food Pyramid and read food labels proficiently
  3. Students will learn the FITT principles. Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type
  4. Students will be able to recognize signs of depression/suicide and know where to get help and information.
  5. Students will learn how to calculate their Target Heart Rate and use it in their own exercise program
  6. Students will learn the importance of body composition/body fat and how to measure their own.
  7. Students will learn how to perform CPR
  8. Students will learn coping strategies on how to deal with stress and learn meditation and relaxation methods
  9. Students will learn the importance of lifelong fitness, activity and a healthy lifestyle

Assessment of Progress

  1. Three Fitness tests will be given throughout the semester. These tests will test your fitness in the healthy fitness zones in each area of fitness including Cardiovascular Endurance, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance and Flexibility.
  2. Study Guide Worksheets will be completed at the beginning of each unit.
  3. Quizzes will be given after each unit to test your knowledge on the basic rules, strategies and cues of what you have been taught.


Course Materials


Due to to the nature of a Physical Education class-all students will “dress down” and participate every class period. Each student will need to have the following physical education clothing on a daily basis:1. Clean court shoes (Hiking boots, street shoes are not appropriate)2. Crewneck/sleeve T-Shirt. No Tank tops 3. Physical education shorts (appropriate length based on Timpview’s dress code) capri’s or pants. 4. Clean Socks.5. Sweatshirt & Sweatpants. (For cool, damp weather conditions)

Classroom Procedures

Each student starts class with 20 points.  Infractions of rules result in loss of points.

• -20 points for 1st unexcused non-dressing down, Verbal Warning & Cleanup Duty/work out in street clothes (teacher decision).

• -20 points for 2nd unexcused non-dressing down, meeting w/VP

• -20 points for 3rd unexcused non-dressing down, VP, & mtg. w/parents

• -20 points for 4th unexcused non-dressing down & possible removal from class.

• -10 points- inappropriate or partial dressing down.

• -5 to -20 points = poor conduct, lack of effort, attitude, and cursing.

• -10 points = leaving the locker room prior to dismissal bell.• -5 points = being tardy to class.

All students will participate unless participation is “limited” by a written physician’s excuse.  “Limited” means:  students will be required to dress down and participate with accommodations to their condition of illness or injury.  PARENTS WRITTEN REQUEST FOR NON-DRESS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Parents are requested to contact Coach Bailey by phone/e-mail  prior to the start of class.

All students will participate unless participation is “limited” by a written physician’s excuse.  “Limited” means:  students will be required to dress down and participate with accommodations to their condition of illness or injury.  PARENTS WRITTEN REQUEST FOR NON-DRESS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  Parents are requested to contact Coach Bailey by phone/e-mail  prior to the start of class.Every effort will be made to have every student dress down and participate every day.  If available, we will offer clean PE clothing for the student to use on a temporary basis.  Students that refuse to dress down will have a conference with their teacher and will contact a guardian/parent.  If the student still refuses to dress down he/she is subject to the following discipline options exercised at Coach Bailey’s discretion. • Participation in school clothes, Garbage patrol, weight room cleanup, janitor assistant, administration referral*. Students will be allowed 3  doctor excused absences with no penalty. After three, the student is responsible to make up participation points for each additional day they are absent or cannot participate.

ATTENDANCE:ATTENDANCE:1. Attendance will be taken 7 minutes after the tardy bell rings.2. Students need to be in their assigned area for attendance or they will be marked absent/tardy.3. Do not touch or play with the equipment prior to instruction from the teacher.4. Students will remain in the locker room until the dismissal bell rings.
ABSENCE MAKE-UP:You have one week from your absence to turn in a make-up assignment posted on Coach Bailey’s website. Example, If you miss Wednesday, you have until the following Wednesday to submit your make-up assignment. After one week I will not accept the assignment. If you have an extended illness/injury (more than one week) please contact Coach Bailey to discuss a reasonable make-up due date. It is your responsibly to talk to Coach Bailey if you need more than one week to make-up your absences. If a conversation is not held, make-up work will be expected one week from the first day you return to class for all missed dates. Example, if you missed Monday, Wednesday, Friday and return the next Tuesday, Make up work will be due the following Tuesday. Tardy – no make-up


Calendar of Due Dates for Major Assignments

Fitness Tests – There are three fitness tests a semester. Dates: TBA

*Participation points – These points are put in on Friday’s for each week.

*Unit Worksheets- Dates :TBA

*Unit Quizzes -Dates:TBA

Progress Reports and Report Cards

A = 93-100%

A-=      90-92%

B+=     87-89%

B=       83-86%

B-=      80-82%

C+=     77-79%

C=       73-76%

C-=      70-72%

D+=     69-67%

D=       66-63%

D-=     62-60%

I=         Below 60%

Participation 70%

Assignments 30% (fitness testing, worksheets & quizzes)

Late work will not be accepted.

Connecting Home to School

Kristen Bailey


Personal Statement and other items (optional)

As a Fitness and Wellness instructor, I believe every student is entitled to a quality, positive learning experience and atmosphere in their fitness and wellness class. Students will be provided with a basic understanding of exercise and how cardiovascular conditioning can occur. Students will become aware of their own bodies responses during exercise and develop an understanding of what exercises to avoid and why.
To make sure each student has a positive experience, they must be in class and participate. There are several regulations, rules, and policies that each student will need to adhere to so I can provide every student their opportunity and right to learn in a positive and safe environment. I will provide sessions where the students can improve their overall fitness level and have fun doing it.