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Run Fitness

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Class Description

The course emphasis will be on lifetime fitness. This means although the majority of this class

will be on running, we will also be exploring other team and individual fitness activities.


Run Fitness Disclosure



Participation Make-Up Assignments :

Options 1: PAPER MAKE-UP

SUBMIT MAKE-UP ASSIGNMENT to kristenba@provo.edu

Include your Name, Date, Class Period, Date(s) missed, Topic of your Paper

Write a one page, single spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margin, Times New Roman font, paper and turn in no later than

one week of your absences


  1. How running improves my overall health
  2. The importance of strength training.
  3. Why staying hydrated is crucial to my health.
  4. The importance of eating breakfast.
  5. How childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic.
  6. Dangers of sugar consumption
  7. Why it’s important to workout in my target heart rate zone.
  8. The process of building muscle.
  9. What is a lifetime activity? How will lifetime activities ensure life long fitness?
  10. What is the importance of lifetime fitness?

Option #2 – Activity


Include your Name, Date, Class Period, Date(s) missed and guardian signature.

Please also include a brief description of your activity, ex. distance and/or time of

walk/run, dogs name, age, breed, and where you did your run/walk. Turn in no

later than one week of your absence.

  1. Walk your dog(s) for 45 minutes.
  2. Take your dog(s) for a two mile run.

*If you don’t own a dog see if your neighbor, friend or relatives dog is available.

If not, you’re writing a paper instead:)

  1. Dangers of sugar consumption


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