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Montgomery, Jonathan


AA English
BA Science Education


Teacher, Discovery Academy
Teacher, Timpview High School


We address humanity’s immediate concerns: Earth’s resources; energy from fossil fuels, wind, and the sun; weather and severe storms; conservation of water and other natural resources; our changing climate; the exploration of our solar system and the universe as well as their origins.

Students develop an understanding of Earth and space science as a complex system made of many smaller systems through which matter and energy are continuously cycled.

Explore Earth’s place in the universe and solar system, examine Earth’s five spheres (atmosphere, hydrosphere, geosphere, cryosphere, and biosphere), and consider the impact on our planet of human activity.

Required Materials:

Computer or internet device at home


Students are expected to be in class, ON TIME, and prepared to participate when the tardy bell rings. Late students will be marked ABSENT and must speak with me after class to change this to a tardy.

Grading Policy:

Student assessment is based on completion of class assignments, quizzes, labs, and tests.  To determine each grade at the end of a quarter the total points earned will be divided by the total points possible.

If you have questions about your grades (missing assignments, incorrectly recorded points, etc.) please e-mail me or talk to me after class.

Classroom/Homework Assignments:

Students are expected to complete each assignment on time. Students are responsible to watch “flipped classroom” youtube videos as assigned at home prior to coming to class.

Tests and Quizzes:  

Tests will be given after the completion of each unit and will include material from lecture notes, chapter reading, class discussions, labs, and homework/assignments.

Quizzes may be given throughout the quarter as needed and will cover the previous homework assignment or lab experiment.

Make-up Work:  

Make-up work (quizzes, tests, labs, etc.) must be arranged with me after class or after school. Tests can be retaken if you have work samples and notes, for up to 70%.

Late Work:

All work must be submitted before the term ends. No late work will be accepted after the term.

Alternative Assignments:

Students may submit up to four short essays, Powerpoint presentations, posters, or other original work per term as an alternative demonstration of content knowledge.

Class Rules/Discipline Plan:  

Students are expected to follow the school rules as outlined in the Timpview High School handbook.  Each student is expected to show respect for the teacher, fellow classmates, and private and public property.  Minor problems will be handled between the teacher and the student. If problems persist, parents and administrators will be involved.


All work submitted must be original. Any activity done to obtain test answers without learning the related course content is cheating. Students found cheating on a test or other assignment will receive a 0 on that task. Work that demonstrates plagiarism (copy/paste) will receive a 0 on that assignment.

Office Hours:  

For any questions or help, please contact me. My email is jonathanm@provo.edu, I will respond within 24 hours. I am available every school day before school and after school to assist you with assignments or to answer questions. Please contact me with any questions, concerns, or other needs. I am very accommodating and will work with you.