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Gutke, Carl

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MA Spanish Teaching
BA Spanish Teaching
At-risk Youth


Spanish Teacher
* Timpview HS 2013-Current
* Brigham Young University
* Richmond Public Schools
* Upward Bound Summer Program
* Corporation of the President
ESL Teacher
* Nomen Global
* American Institute
Employment Counselor
Youth Counselor

About Me

I am originally from Southeastern, UT and some of my direct ancestors came from Mexico. My last name Gutke has origins in Sweden. As a child I grew up hiking canyons, playing sports and enjoying the beautiful area of San Juan County, Utah. As a freshman in high school I took Spanish Level I and was very excited about it until I started comparing myself to my classmates and thinking I wasn’t getting it and they were. I, like other students, decided that it was not possible to learn another language and talked myself out of it. I dropped the class. As I got older I realized that what Henry Ford said, “whether you think you can or think that you can’t; you’re right” was not only crucial to understand in regards to learning a foreign language, but also to anything in life. I truly believe that every student can learn Spanish; for some it comes more naturally than others,  Remember, just be yourself, everyone else is already taken. Oscar Wilde