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New Course Careers in Education

Careers in Education I

Grade Levels: Grades 10-12

Units of Credit: 1.0 credits (year-long)

Core Code:

Credit Type: CTE, or Elective

Prerequisite: None

Recommended follow up courses: Careers in Education 2 (To be developed), Internship at a school site at a grade level, or subject area of personal interest. Students are also encouraged to begin a portfolio of teaching strategies, ideas and examples of their work.



This class will help students become acquainted with the many potential jobs and rewarding careers in education ranging from classroom aides to teachers. Students will learn how schools work and the goals of education in our state and local community. Students will meet educators with many different assignments and teachers from many different grade levels, and connect with skills that will help them with their own lifelong learning, passions, and interests.

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