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Summer School Information

Summer Homework for 2016-2017 can be found at


Summer Information 2015-2016

The following links provide documentation for various honors and advanced placement classes that require students to do summer work.


AP Class: Teacher Contact Information: Summer Assignment:
AP World History Cassidy Baker cassidyb@provo.edu AP World Summer H/W

AP United States History Holly Bowers hollybo@provo.edu AP US History H/W

AP Government Glori Smith gloris@provo.edu AP Government Assignment
AP Human Geography Jeremy Stevenson jeremys@provo.edu NONE
AP Psychology Jeremy Stevenson jeremys@provo.edu Stevensonappsych.blogspot.com
English 11 Honors English 11 Honors (last years)
English 10 Honors Dave Sutherland davidsut@provo.edu suthys10honorsenglish.blogspot.com
English 9 Honors Kasey Hammer kaseyh@provo.edu English 9 Summer H/W
AP English Literature (12th) Suzanne Parker suzannepa@provo.edu AP Literature Summer H/W
AP English Language (11th) Alison Van Orden alisonv@provo.edu AP English Language H/W
AP Statistics Karil Sweetwood KarilS@provo.edu NONE
Med Tech/Medical Principles Denise Abbott denisea@provo.edu Med Tech H/W
Physiology Honors Denise Abbott denisea@provo.edu Physiology Honors H/W